Pro UFH 200w Mat

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This 200Watts/m2 WarmTouch Pro mat is very powerful and has the benefit of being only 2mm thin!

Powerful 200watts/m² output to warm even the thickest tile.

Choose from Mats 1-12m²

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UFH Pro Matt 200

The Standard mat products all have an adhesive backing for easy installation. Use our mats in larger more straight-forward shaped rooms.

Calculate the correct sized mat/s for your area and choose from one of our mat products depending on your requirements. To install simply roll them out, cut the mat backing and turn back and forth to cover your floor.

  • Mats come in a full range of sizes from 1-12m2
  • Full adhesive backing for easy install
  • Quick to install in larger areas
  • The heating cable is only 2mm thick
  • One 3m long connection cable for easy install
  • Lifetime WarmTouch Pro guarantee, and for the first 10 years we even cover the entire floor

This mat is as good as any available. It’s only 2mm thin, has an adhesive backing, class leading technical specification and is ideal for warming floors or indeed heating the floors in any room.

You can use up to 23m2 of the 160watt mat systems on one thermostat

Mats are 50cm wide.

Size Product codes Dimensions
1.0m2 PRO010200 0.5 x 2.0m
1.5m2 PRO015200 0.5 x 3.0m
2.0m2 PRO020200 0.5 x 4.0m
2.5m2 PRO025200 0.5 x 5.0m
3.0m2 PRO030200 0.5 x 6.0m
4.0m2 PRO040200 0.5 x 8.0m
5.0m2 PRO050200 0.5 x 10.0m
6.0m2 PRO060200 0.5 x 12.0m
7.0m2 PRO070200 0.5 x 14.0m
8.0m2 PRO080200 0.5 x 16.0m
9.0m2 PRO09200 0.5 x 18.0m
10.0m2 PRO100200 0.5 x 20.0m
  • rds for safety (IEC, VDE, SEMKO, UL, etc.).
  • Fulfills the INCIRP guidelines and regulations in regards to the EMF (Electromagnetic Fields).
  • Complies with wiring rules regarding EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility).
  • Should be installed in accordance with National and Local Electrical Codes.
  • Always read the installation Instructions.
Technical data  200w
Output cable 12.5W
Voltage 230 V~
Outer insulation PVC
Thickness of mat/wire ~ 3.3 mm
Protection class I + 30mA RCD
Connections one connection
Net colour Red – textile
Cable color Red
Space between heating wires 7 cm
Supply lead length 3.0m
Width 500mm
Sizes available 1-12m²

Installation Instructions

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Under Floor Heating

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